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Sunday, 23 March 2014 @ 21:42 | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum, Tasha here! well IM BACK. HAHAHA HUMBLE LOL. How are you guys doing? IM fine Alhamdullilah. well, dah lama sangat tak update blogggggggggg. OMG, i miss you so much my lovely blog. LOL so the reason im back just because of my new laptop fuhhhhh Im really excited using it! HAVE FUN WITH IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Posting of the day, about how my school life have been going on. Share it. Even some people don't give freaking fat care. Right? So let's get started.

13.1.2014 it was good evening but it was not longer like I expected. First, petang tu dah kena masuk kelab dan persatuan.Memang waktu feeling shy, nervous. Well first time masuk kelab yang merupkan mengikut kehendak sendiri. Lol, actually I was planned get in club "Pelancongan". My adorable girls decided to get in the club as soon as possible.But the Club actually limit, sobs. Last,  I don't get in the club. Which all my best girls get in. I don't know how they do it,  but they tell me. It was hard to get in. So in the end, I'm going to the club alone with no friends? worst part, in the club I really don't know anyone in the club except batch 98's yeah most of them are morals. I don't want to be racists but they really noisy. Hm, what a sad life. Can you imagined ? every Wednesday I have to cooperate with some noisy group of morals . Really spoil my mood.

Last year my life and social was great but now it seems boring, and more awkward. Especially when it comes to friendship. It feels so different right now. Even every little things. I don't know why, it just not same like before. I know I have to appreciate because I still have friendship. I just hope my friendship never ends. It will totally break into pieces. Why i'm sound like I'm in love. Lol, yeah im love but with my best friends. Eventho I know, this blog would be sounds good about unknown crush. Damn, I really can't forget about him. Because he has all my dream package, expect one not noticed me. Pathetic. I'm such  liar if  I tell you i'm not torn into pieces knowing my crush get in the club which is exactly what I want.

He was chosen to be president since this year is senior year to him. I'm so jealous with my girls who get in the club sees him every Wednesday. While me, living my life with loser. Sorry, not sorry. I think this might last my paragraph. Maybe starting from today I'll be always update my blog about something or my crush *giggling*  Despite, I knw there is no one will visit my blog. 

p/s : HAHA always be favorite ❤

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