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Monday, 7 April 2014 @ 05:58 | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum, as well my day at school feel suck today. Im totally overthinking about this and I felt like I bragged about this all time. Yknow, I need a break and out from this situation, the reason is TIRED. Let me tell you what happened today. Time recess, idk why I felt like useless, extremely boring with a bunch of normal people with and two of my best girls with me that time but cuma adalah mereka yang like really fun behavior gila gila punya perangai, but all of them part of netball team.

So, I think I just bother them to talk and chillin haha. Rasa diri ni bosan sangat and they even dont wanna talk with me i guess or I am the one who just being quiet, huh. I think my life is gone. Beside, i think they have found new friends who's better than me. Takpelah someone said that I should be readyy for the big time. The GOODBYE thing. Thank god I have them by my side for quite long time. I hope my friendship never ends in disaster way.

Today feels like hell,ugh. why 😒
Thursday, 3 April 2014 @ 01:58 | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum, well today memang teruk gila. Moody tak adalah, cuma rasa diabaikan. Even, baru cuti seminggu but still already changed a lot of things. Aku tak tahu lah siapa kawan aku sekarang, now people semua nak kawan dengan sporthing kadang-kadang popular pun sama kot. Tak ada niat nak burukkan. Bila mereka tinggalkan kau sesorang, kau akan tertanya-tanya kenapa? apa yang aku dah buat? Trust me, rasa sucks. 

No one will understand you, disebabkan aku bertahan thank to someone. I really think, I need that someone. Haha, lol I feel he's the one know what I really feel. Almost, this week My girls doesn't story or say miss you or what. Im sorry for being bored. These days, they like already have some more fun, prettier than us huh. I dont know why. I just think or afraid my group girls will be break up. Tak ada dah kawan nak dengar story aku. Aku rasa if aku story maybe dah tak penting, huh and tak menarik lansung. Semua mcm hilang dari pandangan secara tiba-tiba. Agaknya, aku kena jadi new girl cari kawan baru. Penat.

Today, sekolah masa tolong cikgu the best! hahaha semua macam random. Tapi belah petang semua spoil. I mean SANGAT. Everything I said and tell people seems dont care, like when I wanna tell something theyy like blast off infront of me while im talking. People don't care about you unless you're already dead, pretty, and popular. Aku tak tahu lah but, I THINK I MISS MY OLD FRIENDSHIP BUT NOW EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. This really make me torn apart. You dont know how it feels like losing your precious friendship. But everyday, I try to forget and living my life.

Stay strong that is I always wanna be, I think they don't even care what I felt all this time. make me happy. What happened to my life? What's going on in my class just now. THEY JUST DONT CARE. I'm really sorry, sometimes this little big turn out into big things in my mind and getting into my nerves. Where is my old girls? That I used feel happy with them, but now seeing your best-friends laughing with other girls who looks so fun ten times than you. Put they first before me yeah, why I always put them first ugh.

I really hurt about it, everything seems bored. Huh, no offense I feel like a loser desperate for an attention. I just miss my old girls,  Im just tired, feel like this. Sighing all the time, cry? sometimes. So, I think this the end of story about today. 

Just please don't forget our memories, or me. Huh wtv 

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